Introductory Meeting

Tuesday, 16 September, 2008

Small Seminar Room, KITP

The video and audio of this meeting can be viewed online.

The following is a transcription of the contents of the blackboard at the end of the meeting. Please add/edit anything that you think was missed and add links to branch off new pages from here. If you want to add a comment on some item, click on the discussion tab at the top of this page.


  • Dark matter

    • Or no dark matter......?
  • Satellites Accretion history

    • Gas flows
    • Star formation rate/Accretion rate discrepancy
  • How isolated is the Milky Way?

    • Influence of M31
      • Simulations
      • Observations
  • Milky Way analogues

    • Select by, e.g.
      • gas content
      • environment
  • Indirect dark matter detection (gamma rays)

    • Why do different groups get different results
    • Streams/small scale distribution
  • Satellite dynamics

    • Satellite/stream disconnect (i.e. don't see progenitors of streams)
      • Except for Sagittarius
      • Is this expected in simulations?
      • Are larger or deeper surveys more useful?
      • Do many streams come from one progenitor?
  • Globular clusters

    • Are some of them really dwarf galaxies?
    • Are they of any use in Milky Way studies?
  • Next generation of simulations

    • More realizations?
    • Better resolution?
    • More physics?
      • Baryons
        • How accurate are pure dark matter simulations (e.g. for gamma ray fluxes)


  • Baryonic content

    • 2-3 times below expection of universal baryon fraction
    • Where is the halo gas? (COS)
      • Hidden at high temperature?
      • Can't match Tully-Fisher with 100% of universal baryon fraction
      • Can feedback solve the problem?
      • How robust is the data?
      • How well do we know virial mass
  • Bulge/Bar/Spirals/Non-axisymmetric features

    • Ages?
  • Dynamical structures in disk

    • Streams
    • Disk transients
  • Shape

    • Fundamental parameters
    • Anisotropic distribution of satellites
  • Details of structure

    • Quantify input/output responses
    • Connecting small scales to larger scales
    • Astrophysics is complicated!


  • Detailed abundances

    • Currently only for 10's of stars
    • WFMOS
    • Disk/Halo/Satellites
    • Better techniques to measure?


  • ISM Data

    • Milky Way + external galaxies
    • LMT
    • Theory
      • Still sub-grid
  • Galactic Center

  • Stellar IMF