The Election Night Party is on! So join us to celebrate (hopefully....) the
next 4+ years of our political futures!

We plan to begin at 5pm (when interesting results might be just starting) and
keep going until the fate of the nation is decided (barring week-long legal
battles in Florida.......).

We'll have one TV showing a serious news channel and one showing Comedy
Central plus our large format, interactive statistics board() for real time

We'll be providing some food (chili and veggie chili) and some drinks, but
you're encouraged to bring snacks/drinks too!

Our place is located about two miles east of KITP near the coast. Here's the
Google map:

You can drive here (park in the driveway if there's still space, or else look
for parking on the street) or you can cycle here along the coastal bike path
(be sure to have good lights though - it's very dark around here!).

So, to summarize:

What: Election Night Party
When: Tuesday November 4th, 5pm until whenever
Where: 1265 Orchid Drive, Santa Barbara, CA 93111
Phone: 805-967-6184
Bring: Snacks, drinks, spouse/partner/bf/gf/kids/etc., good-natured political
Don't Bring: Coulter-esque bloviation (!
Political Bias: None, or whatever bias arises naturally from a cross section
of academia.....

And don't forget to vote before you come to the party!

-Andrew & Cindy.

    • OK, the Interactive Statistics Board is really just some white poster board
stuck behind some large glass doors together with some dry erase


If you are planning to drive and are willing to take passengers, please add your name below. If you need a ride, ask someone on the list below if they still have space and then add your name to the list:

Driver name
Phil Chang + 3

Andreas Just (may be returning earlier)
Space for 2 passengers

Driver name
Space for ? passengers
Passenger name
Passenger name