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Andrew Benson

(Caltech) My research focuses on modelling the formation and evolution of galaxies. The primary aim of my research program is to develop a detailed and, most importantly, quantitative model of galaxy formation based upon known physical laws rather than empirical rules. This goal requires the use of state-of-the-art models of galaxy formation, both N-body and phenomenological (a.k.a. "semi-analytical"). Over the past ten years I have extensively developed and enhanced the semi-analytic model of galaxy formation, Galform, originally developed at the Institute for Computational Cosmology at the University of Durham.

Juna Kollmeier

(OCIW) I am interested in the formation of cosmic structure on all scales. I am particularly interested in understanding the physics of galaxy formation by comparing models of supermassive black holes, galaxies and the IGM to current observations. These interests converge in the study of the Milky Way. The accretion of baryonic matter from the IGM, the interaction of gas and stars with SgrA* and the interfaces between the Milky Way's stellar, gaseous, and non-baryonic components allow an "extreme close-up" of many of the phenomena I am trying to understand in the z~3 universe.

Andrey Kravtsov

(The University of Chicago) I am modeling formation of structures in the Universe using cosmological simulations. I am particularly interested in studying formation of the faintest dwarf galaxies. This is because these galaxies probably served as the building blocks for formation of larger galaxies in the early universe and hold clues to the question of how first generation of stars formed and evolved. You can find the complete list of my publications (including the most recent ones) here.